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This space is destined for the sending of information and reporting irregularities that may reveal fraudulent acts, bribery, harassment and other practices in disaccord with the ethical principles established in the Usiminas Code of Conduct.

The Open Channel can be used by the following publics:

  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • Public Authorities
  • Community
  • Other segments of organized civil society


Transparency and impartiality

The tool works within the principles of transparency and impartiality. Whoever uses the Open Channel has his identity preserved, and information received is treated confidentially.

You can register a report by the online form or by telephone (in Brazil) 0800-276-2011 (free call). Wait on the line to receive instructions and describe the report in an objective manner. You will have two minutes to leave your message.


Understand how the reporting process of our channels works

What is an Open Channel?

It is the proper, anonymous means to communicate or reports anything that reveals acts of fraud, corruption, bribery, harassment, etc. within the Usiminas company environment.


What can be reported by means of the Open Channel?

Acts of fraud, corruption, bribery, harassment, and other practices in disaccord with the ethical principles established in the Usiminas Code of Conduct.


Who can use the tool?

It can be used by the publics with which the company relates: employees, managers, customers, suppliers, investors, public authorities, community, press and other segments of organized civil society.


Are there limits to the number of reports by people?

There are no limits to the number of reports that a person can send. However, it is important that they be in agreement with the purpose of the Open Channel.


Is it possible to make anonymous reports?

Yes. Anonymity of the author will be assured, unless one chooses to identify oneself.


Who is responsible for management of the reports?

Reports are sent to the Compliance Committee, made up of representatives from multi-disciplinary areas, with the following attributes: deliberation about each report received, sending the report to the area responsible to investigate and return its conclusion.


What are the means users can make reports?

Reports can be made by link, available on the intranet and on the Usiminas site or by telephone 0800-276-2011.


Is it possible to follow the progress of the report resolution?

Yes. This follow up is possible only for those who register the report with the online form, at The user receives an exclusive password, which should be always be used if he wants to follow up the report. The result can be qualified in three ways: “Under resolution”, when the report is still in analysis; “Concluded”, when the return of the report has already been resolved; “Disqualified”, when the conclusion points to information that does not prove true or that does not serve the purpose of the Open Channel.


How long can it take for a report is investigated?

Each report has a particular demand or effort for resolution. Therefore, there is no defined time for such resolution. It is our intention to solve matters quickly, with possible intermediate reports to the users.


Which criteria define a disqualified report?

A report may be confirmed only after its resolution. However, reports without an informed message or with objectives outside of the purpose established by the Open Channel will be considered disqualified by the Compliance Committee.


Is there any punishment for anyone making a report?

No. The objective of the Open Channel is to facilitate the identification of irregularities that may exist in Usiminas, which are in disaccord with the Code of Conduct of the company. The user is not obliged to identify himself.


For reports made by the Internet, where the employee has his own access key, how is confidentiality guaranteed?

Information from employees, maintained in the network user session, will not be recorded in the system specifically developed for this channel. This system follows all the precepts of Information Security adopted by Usiminas and assures anonymity for people who use the Open Channel, even via Intranet.


Depending on the seriousness of the report, can the identity of the reporter be revealed?

Reports sent as anonymous will remain anonymous with confidential treatment of user information. In case the reporter has identified himself at the moment of sending the report and the process of resolution requires a more detailed investigation, the reporter may be involved, in case he agrees to help in finding out the facts.

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